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On July 16, 2016

Now get the number of your dreams with  Zong Book Your Number

Like other telecom operators in Pakistan, Zong has also brought dedicated number booking service called Zong Book Your Number (BYN). Now, customers don’t go anywhere else to get their favorite dream mobile number. Instead, such customers can book the same number from their houses by using the facility of the internet. Customers have to open the online portal of Zong Book Your Number and enter the detail of their desired number in the dialog box along with their NIC. This automated service will search the directly for all the available number and you will be notified about the availability of your desired number in the very short span of time.
Now, Zong customers can select their birthday or any lucky number as their mobile number through the use of the Zong Book Your Number. Mobilespoint.com brings you the latest information on Zong Book Your Number (BYN). On this particular page, customers will get the detailed description of Zong Book Your Number (BYN) along with its documentation requirements.

How to Use Zong Book Your Number Service:

The service is very easy to use. Just follow the steps mentioned below to use Zong Book Your Number:
• Enter Your Full Name
• Enter Your CNIC Number
• Select your city for SIM delivery or collection. The nearest address of the franchise or customer service center will be displayed
• Enter Primary contact number
• Now submit the query for booking request
• Maximum 5 numbers can be booked against the same CNIC number
• At the completion of the submission process, a unique ticket number will be generated. Please take a record of this number as you will be requested to present this ticket number with your valid CNIC at the time of SIM delivery/handover.

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