Stay connected with your family and friends with Warid Postpaid International Roaming

On March 24, 2016

Warid postpaid customers can now get access to more than 120 countries across the globe. Warid has tailored its postpaid international roaming by keeping in view the very basic needs and requirements of the customers. Now Warid customer can receive and make calls to their loved ones from Pakistan. Warid has offered least possible rates for its postpaid international roaming. brings you the most recent and up-to-date information on Warid postpaid international roaming. On this particular page customers can get their hands on the latest and up-to-date information regarding Warid postpaid international roaming.

Warid Postpaid International Roaming

Details of Warid Postpaid International Roaming:

All the details of Warid postpaid international roaming is mentioned below:

Warid Maritime Roaming:

Like other mobile network operators in Pakistan, Warid has also brought the offer of maritime roaming specifically for its postpaid customers. Through this service, Warid postpaid customers can contact their family members or friends while sailing the seven seas. Warid provides maritime roaming to its postpaid customers in collaboration with On-waves. On-waves is currently providing its services up to 52 cruise ships, vessels and large ferries across the Europe, the Caribbean and the southern Hemisphere. Mobilink and Telenor have also brought the same service to their international roamers.

To subscribe the Warid maritime roaming, please visit your nearest franchise or service center.

Warid Inflight Roaming:

Warid postpaid customers can now keep in touch with their loved ones while taking flight. Warid has brought this service with the support and partnership of OnAir and Aero Mobile. Warid customers can make/receive voice calls and send/receive SMS through Warid inflight roaming. Warid is currently giving its services in Ryanair, Qatar Airways, Royal Jordanian Airlines and Wataniya Airways.

Subscription Method:

The subscription method for Aero Mobile inflight roaming service on the following airline is mentioned below:

  • Emirates B777 & A330 flying to Karachi
  • Emirates B&&& flying to Lahore
  • Emirates B777 & A330 flying to Islamabad
  • Emirates A330 flying to Peshawar

Warid 3G Roaming Service for Postpaid Customers:

Now Warid postpaid customers can enjoy the fastest 3G internet on their mobile with 60 mobile operators in 44 countries of the world. Now customers can enjoy the fastest 3G internet at most affordable rates in a number of destinations across the globe.

Please Note:

  • The service is only available for Warid postpaid customers
  • Regular data charges shall apply.


Warid SMS Roaming:

Warid is the first cellular mobile operator of Pakistan that has given SMS roaming service. Through this service Warid postpaid customers can get in touch with their loved ones by sending and receiving messages instantaneously. All the messages sent through Warid SMS roaming will be sent instantaneously to your family and loved ones regardless of the day and time.

Subscription Method:

To subscribe Warid SMS offer simply send SMS ‘irsms on’ to 129 from your smartphone.

To Un-subscribe the service, simply send SMS ‘irsm off’ to 129 from your mobile phone. No charges would be deducted on un-subscription.

Please Note:

  • Rs.100 (PKR) will be charged each time for activation.
  • Warid SMS roaming service will be activated for two weeks and at the end of this period, service will be automatically deactivated.
  • Only SMS incentive will be available from the subscription of the package
  • Free incoming SMS is available at several destinations

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