Warid Glow packages for Call, SMS and Mobile Internet

On March 24, 2016

Warid has brought a mobile plan specifically for its prepaid customers called, Warid Glow. With this plan customer can get a number of calls, SMS and mobile internet data. All Warid Glow packages are offered in different validities as Nightly, Hourly, Weekly, 15-Day and monthly basis.

Warid Glow packages for Call, SMS and Mobile Internet

A brief detail of all Warid Glow packages is mentioned below:

Warid Glow Packages:

Warid Glow has the number of calls, SMS and mobile internet packages and bundles.

Warid Glow Call Packages:

Warid has come up with a number of call packages that are designed specifically for its worthy glow subscribers. The validity of these call packages is based on hourly, daily and weekly basis. Now, Warid glow customers don’t need to check their balance twice before making a call, because Warid has given the cheapest call rates, these rates are not only for Warid to Warid, but, for other mobile networks of Pakistan. Warid Glow call packages are as under:

  • Glow Generation
  • Dosti Package
  • Glow 1
  • Glow 2.0
  • Super Dosti Package (For International Calling & International Roaming)

Warid Glow SMS Packages:

Warid has also designed a variety of packages for its glow customers. All these packages have hundreds of free SMS that are based on different validity as one-day, three-day, seven-day and a thirty-day basis.

  • Daily Bundle 1
  • Daily Bundle 2
  • 3 Day Bundle
  • Weekly SMS
  • SMS Supreme

Warid Glow 4G LTE Internet Packages:

This is a domain where Warid has really proven its worth. Warid has acquired the spectrum of world’s fastest mobile internet till date. With Warid 4G, LTE, users can have the privilege to download large audio, files at the downloading rate of 20 Mbps – 30 Mbps, Amazing, Isn’t it?

All Warid internet packages are designed in such a way that one can truly experience the world of fastest mobile internet right at their smartphones.

1)            Warid Glow Daily Internet Bundles:


Warid has given three-different types of internet packages that offers 24-hours validity.


  • Daily Bundle 2 MB
  • Daily Bundle 15 MB
  • Daily Bundle Unlimited


2)            Warid Glow Weekly Internet Bundle:

Warid has brought one weekly package for its glow customers.


  • Warid Glow Weekly Bundle


3)            Warid Glow Monthly Bundle


Warid has given multiple monthly internet packages as well for its glow subscribers. The


  • Warid Glow 10 MB
  • Warid Glow 100 MB
  • Warid Glow 500 MB
  • Warid Glow 2 GB


4)            Warid Glow Unlimited Package:


With Warid Glow unlimited internet, customers can truly explore the world of mobile internet. Whether users want to download a large high-definition file, watch streaming videos or simply browse the internet the way they like, Warid glow unlimited internet will take care all your internet needs.


  • Warid Glow Unlimited Internet Bundle

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