Now Gets Completely Uthified With Ufone Uth Packages

On March 24, 2016

Ufone has come up a new mobile plan specifically for its young and teenager customers and named it as a Ufone Uth Package. Ufone has tailored all its Uth packages by keeping in view the basic requirements and interest of its youth subscribers. Warid, Telenor and Zong has also launched a dedicated mobile plan for its young mobile users.

Ufone Uth has everything that youth might be interested in as: free calls, free SMS, free mobile internet bundle. All of the packages and bundles of Uth packages are so affordable that even students can subscribe them with their pocket money.

Ufone Uth Packages

One of the biggest advantages of the Ufone Uth package is that Ufone is the first telecom operator of Pakistan who has launched its Uth package for its both Prepaid and Postpaid customers, while other networks have only emphasized to attract their prepaid audience.

All details of Ufone Uth packages are mentioned below:

Ufone Uth Packages:

Ufone Uth Call Packages:

Youth of every particular country nowadays preferred long duration calls because of its convenience and affordability. With Ufone Uth call packages, you can enter the world of 24 hours unlimited calls at most economical rates throughout all the mobile network operator of Pakistan. In addition, they also have the option to call for a number of countries at least possible rates.

  • Uth Students Offer
  • Uth Dabangg Hour Offer
  • Ufone Full Time Muta Offer
  • Ufone Non-stop Offer
  • Uth Postpay (Specifically for Ufone Postpaid Customers)


Ufone Uth SMS Packages:

Ufone has given a numerous SMS package for its youth subscribers. Just select your desired package and enjoy unlimited SMS to any mobile network of Pakistan. The validity of SMS packages is based on Daily to yearly basis. This is where Ufone has topped the list, because Ufone is the first telecom mobile operator of Pakistan that offers One-Lac SMS for years, while other telecom operators have gone for maximum 30-day offer.

  • Uth Sasta SMS
  • Uth SMS FnF Package
  • Uth Daily SMS Package
  • Uth Weekly SMS Package
  • Uth Fortnightly SMS Package
  • Uth Monthly SMS Package
  • Uth Yearly SMS Packages (1-Lac SMS for a massive 365 Days)


Ufone Uth 3G Internet Packages:

Nowadays, young generation is always seen by holding a mobile in hand by keeping busy in posting status to Facebook or kept busy in watching video from Play it or YouTube. For such customers, Ufone has given a number of 3G internet packages, that caters all the needs of their valued young customers. Every 3G internet package has adequate bandwidth limit with it so, customers don’t have to worry about the low bandwidth limit. The validity of Ufone 3G internet packages starts from daily basis to monthly basis.

  • Daily Light Bucket
  • Daily Heavy Bucket
  • Special Daily Bucket
  • Mega Internet Bucket
  • 3-Day Bucket
  • Weekly Light Bucket
  • Weekly Heavy Bucket
  • Monthly 1 GB Bucket
  • Monthly 3 GB Bucket
  • Monthly 10 GB Buckets


Ufone Uth 3-Day Hybrid Bundle:

Nowadays, customers often irritate by subscribing to each and every service separately. For such deprived customers, Ufone has brought a hybrid or All in One bundle. By subscribing to this bundle, customers can get free minutes, SMS and mobile internet MBs for all three-days.

  • Ufone 3-Day Hybrid Bundle (For Ufone Prepaid Customers Only)

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