Oppo electronics is an electronics company based in China. It entered the mobile phone manufacturing industry in 2008 and introduced its first smartphone in 2011. Its mobile phones are now sold over 20 countries including Australia, United States, China, and in many countries of Asia, Europe and Middle East.

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As soon as Oppo entered the Android Smartphone market, it broke records in the industry by introducing it to some of the new and creative features that has never been in this industry before. Oppo Finder was the slimmest smartphone of its time. With the introduction of Oppo N1 the world saw the first smartphone with a rotating camera. Other than that, another revolution that was brought by Oppo is VOOC Flash charging (Voltage Open Loop Multi-step Constant-Current Charging), also known as the Rapid Charging Technology as it chargers a phone battery from 0-70% in just 30 minutes. Right now, the only phones that support the VOOC Flash Charging are Oppo Find 7(a), Oppo R5, Oppo R7, Oppo HA 2 and Oppo N3.

In just a few years Oppo has made quite a mark in the smartphone industry and continues to show up with new innovations each time.

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