An insight into Mobilink Jazz

On March 24, 2016

Mobilink is the largest telecom operator of Pakistan that has almost a massive 3-million customers under its umbrella. Every mobile operator of Pakistan has a separate mobile plan for its prepaid customers. Same is the case with Mobilink Jazz. Mobilink has brought this particular package specifically for its prepaid customers.

Mobilink has tailored a number of packages for its jazz customers, including: free minutes, SMS and mobile internet data. All of these packages are not meant for only one specific group of the society as rich communities, everyone can afford these packages even students.

An insight into Mobilink Jazz

A brief detail of all Mobilink Jazz packages is mentioned below which includes call packages, SMS packages, 3G Internet packages and Hybrid bundles.

Mobilink Jazz Packages:


Mobilink Jazz Call Packages:

Mobilink has given a number of call packages for its prepaid customers. Nowadays, calls are the top most priority of every mobile user. Now, with Mobilink Jazz, customers don’t need to worry about the call rates, because Mobilink Jazz call rates are lowest among other mobile operators. Mobilink has a wide-range of call packages that comes to the validity of 30 Seconds, Hourly, 12-Hour, One day, One week and One-month basis.

  • Mobilink Jazz Easy
  • Champion’s Package
  • Mobilink Jazz One
  • Mobilink Jazz Budget
  • Mobilink Super Bundle
  • Mobilink Day Bundle
  • Mobilink Lambi Baat Offer
  • Karachi Offer
  • Sindh Offer
  • Super F&F Offer
  • Haftawaar Offer
  • Har 30 Second Offer
  • Karachi Monthly Offer
  • Har Din Bundle
  • 12 Ghantay Bundle
  • Mobilink Close-up Offer


Mobilink Jazz SMS Packages:

As the need of messages has emerged, Mobilink has brought five-different types of packages for its prepaid customers. All the Mobilink Jazz packages are designed by keeping in view the very needs and requirements of the worthy clients. The validity of SMS packages is from daily to monthly basis.

  • SMS Plus
  • Daily Bundle
  • Daily SMS + Whatsapp Bundle
  • Weekly Bundle
  • Monthly Bundle


Mobilink Jazz 3G Internet Packages:

By keeping in view the basic internet needs of its customers, Mobilink has acquired two 3G spectrum for its 3G internet users. More spectrums mean more speed, and now the customers can enjoy the fastest possible 3G internet right on their smartphones and devices. Mobilink has offered least possible rates for its 3G subscribers, that even school going kids can afford it easily. The validity of 3G packages based on a daily basis to monthly basis.

  • Late Night Internet Offer
  • Daily – Lite
  • 3 Day – Lite
  • 3-Day Smart
  • Weekly – Lite
  • Weekly – Smart
  • Weekly – Heavy
  • Monthly – Lite
  • Monthly – Smart
  • Monthly – Heavy


Mobilink Jazz All in One Hybrid Bundles:

Mobilink has given this type of plan specifically for its those customers, who often finds it difficult to subscribe to each and every package separately. With Mobilink Jazz hybrid bundles, everyone can enjoy a bundle of free minutes, free SMS and free mobile internet data. Mobilink has brought these All in One packages or hybrid bundles with the validity of daily basis and monthly basis.

  • Daily Hybrid Bundle
  • Monthly Hybrid Bundle



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