Every Cellphone Should Have These Basic Features

On September 2, 2015

Cellphone is the need of everyone in today’s life. All the cellphone companies are launching new and upgraded versions of cellphones almost every year thus there is a big competition between the brands. People are confuse that which cellphone to buy and which not. Before purchasing a cellphone we should know the basic features every cellphone should have so we have no problems regarding cellphone in future.
Life of battery
Battery is the most important part that supplies power to the cellphone without which cellphone could not be switched on. Batteries of cellphones differ from each other. There are two types of battery i.e. Nickle-metal hydride and lithium ion battery. Now a days batteries of cellphone are thinner, lighter and long lasting. Lithium ion battery is very light and have a good battery timings but very expensive. Phones utilize maximum battery while calling so the battery should be long lasting.
Storage memory
Cellphones have internal memory that can store the data up to some extent and storage memory of each cellphone is different from one another. Some cellphones have slots to insert memory cards for increasing the storage space in the cellphone. In markets memory card are easily available by which we can increase the storage space of the cellphone for unlimited data. Good cellphone should have large storage space in it.
It belongs to the screen resolution, size and colors. Almost all the cellphones have multi-color screen display but their resolution and size vary. Good display means that you can enjoy your camera clicks with good resolution and colors. So the cellphone display should be of high resolution so that the quality of image is better and shows every detail of the image.
Data transfer is made easy with the Bluetooth technology as it free of cost and very fast to transfer data. Moreover it does not need any wire for the connection and is workable in the range of 10 meter so you do not need to place the device much closer. This technology is also used in hands-frees.
Weight and size
Dimensions of the cellphone matters a lot as handset is carried in hands so it should be light weight. Now a day big cellphones with sleek and smart bodies are designed to make them handy and easy to carry. On the other hand size of the cellphone should be broader for big display which is the attraction of the cellphone.
Internet services
The most important feature of the cellphone is the internet services which is necessary for browsing. The famous one internet service provided by most of the companies today is GPRS. This enables WAP and allows you to connect to the internet in the laptop through your mobile phone.
As cellphone is carried everywhere along the person we cannot think of the accidents that could happen with our cellphone. So the cellphone should be of waterproof material so the damages due to water could be minimized.

The most essential feature that everybody look for in the cellphone is the camera. Taking pictures at every place people travel is become the trend of today. So the camera should be of high resolution giving the quality results in every click.

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