5 Tips To Save Mobile Data on Android Phone

On August 7, 2015

Today life is so fast every person cannot live without keeping a cellphone and when it comes to cellphone the most preferred one is Android phone. We can browse, use apps, do downloading, chatting etc. on our cellphones. The most common problem facing by most of the android users is saving data. Here we will discuss 5 tips to save data on android phone.

By switching on WiFi all the time
The first tip is the easiest one to do for saving data. Everybody know the use of WiFi and at most of the places it is easily available. It is advised to keep WiFi on your cellphone turned on. This will help to save data on Android phone. The feature present in Android OS catches the WiFi signal and use it for internet thus preventing mobile data from usage. You can also turn off cellular data so that the data is restricted to WiFi only.

Using computer
Use computer if you have the one at your home. This will reduce the burden on your phone. Instead of using Facebook all the time on cellphone use it on your computer. And for downloading or using heavy apps prefer to use your computer otherwise doing everything on cellphone can damage the data of the mobile phone.

Restricting background data
Before elaborating this tip let us brief that what is foreground and what is back ground. Background data is the one that is consumed when the application is not in use by the user while foreground data is one that is used while application is in use. To check the background and foreground go to settings and tap data usage option. This will give you the data statistics of both foreground and background. When the background data is more than the foreground data select the restrict background data option to prevent app at the background from reaching internet while cellphone data is still on. With this you will also not receive notifications while using mobile data. When foreground data is more than background then do not use the application when mobile data is on.

Using mobile websites
Most of us like to use Facebook, twitter and other social networking sites on the cellphone. These websites take a lot of MBs. So instead of using these sites as such use mobile websites through mobile browser this will also help to save data on Android phone. For Facebook lovers this is something really interesting to know that the photos on the Facebook consume a lot of data. To prevent this use website 0.facebook.com which is without photos.

By using 3G network to avoid data consumption
Today we have 2G, 3G and 4G facilities on our cellphone. The 4G service consume a lot of data as it allows very fast speed which is usually more than the speed of internet connections use at home. For this turn off the cellular data so that data is not used by WiFi and enable LTE.

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